Troubleshooting Tips

Tips to maximise performance and device safety

To ensure the longevity of your device and to enjoy a consistent smooth vape please follow these simple tips...

  • Only use a 1A maximum USB charging port for the magnetic charging dock which comes with your Bo One battery (do not use 2A). We do not recommend using phone wall outlets/adapters as these can damage your battery. 
  • Try not to overdraw too deeply when vaping. Too long and frequent deep drags may draw liquid into your mouth by not allowing the atomizer to vaporise the liquid. 
  • Please keep your device in a cool dry place, avoid leaving your Bo battery and caps in direct heat for example, in the hot summer sun or left in a hot car. 
  • Avoid leaving your Bo upside down for prolonged periods of time. You can lay your device on its side. 
  • Clean your device regularly to keep it dry and prevent battery damage. Read our quick and easy cleaning tips.

E-liquid is seeping into my mouth when inhaling or the Cap is making a gurgling sound when vaping.

You could be chain vaping - as in taking too frequent and prolonged draws, as a result the coil in the Cap could become flooded. To fix this, remove the Cap from the battery and place a piece of paper towel at the bottom of the Cap, then blow gently through the mouthpiece a few times to clear any liquid near the airflow chamber. 

Try vaping again and take gentle, long puffs to vapourise any remaining excess e-liquid that may still be in the coil.

Why does my e-liquid Cap taste burnt?

The burnt taste on a full new cap may be because the coils are not primed. By this, we mean that the wick inside the cap has not fully soaked with e-liquid which makes it taste burnt when first used. We suggest you take a gentle hit (draw) of the cap before inserting it into the Bo battery device, this will ensure the wick becomes soaked with the e-liquid before you use it with the battery.

I’m having difficulty inserting the Bo Caps into the battery device

Please check that you have removed the opaque silicon plug at the bottom of the Cap before inserting it into the battery device, if the silicon plug isn’t removed the caps cannot connect with the battery connector pins and will not work. 

My battery is auto-firing. What should I do?

Remove the e-liquid Cap and clean the inside of the battery device with a dry cotton bud or paper towel/tissue ensuring any e-liquid that may have leaked into the battery device near the connector pins is cleaned out. Also wipe the bottom of the e-liquid cap to ensure there is no liquid before re-inserting it into the battery device. 

Please note there is a built in battery safety feature which ensures the battery will switch off after 10 seconds of continuous power.

Why is the light on my battery device blinking?

A blinking light during inhalation indicates that the Cap is not making contact with the battery device. Firstly, please ensure you have removed the opaque silicon plug at the bottom of the Cap before inserted it into the battery device. 

If you have done the above and the light is still blinking then please clean the inside of the battery device (the area where you insert the Bo Caps) with a dry cotton bud or paper towel/tissue ensuring device is clean and dry on and near the connector pins. Also wipe the bottom of the e-liquid cap to ensure there is no liquid before re-inserting it into the battery device. We also suggest you clean the connector plates at the base of your battery and on the charger.

Why is my battery device not charging?

Firstly check to see if your charger and battery device are properly cleaned and wiped clear of any dust/dirt residue.

Try inserting the battery into the magnetic charger the other way around from your initial insert by rotating it 180 degrees. 

If you own a spare Bo battery please see if it charges on the same magnetic charger to test if it is the charger or the battery that is the issue. 

Also try an alternative USB charging port to ensure the port is not faulty. 

If these tips do not resolve your problem then please contact us. We do not recommend dismantling the battery device under any circumstances.

How do I clean my device?

A clean and dry battery will ensure the best vaping performance. There are various ways to clean your Bo device, but the most efficient would be to use a dry cotton bud to clean the inside of the device where the caps should be inserted. See the tips below.

Need more help - issue not resolved? Please contact us

If any problems are not remedied by these troubleshooting tips then please contact us here.